Eric Canam

Software Developer at National Defence
Software Engineering student at Carleton University

About Me

I am a Software Engineering student, in my third year of studies at Carleton University.

I love learning, and take pride in building and fixing things. I enjoy solving problems, however they come to me. Whether it's splitting costs with a spreadsheet, fixing cars, or writing code, solving problems captivates me, and I believe it is ultimately my forté.

Check out my and to see how I've used my love of problem-solving in the real world.

To contact me, send me a message on LinkedIn, or download the PDF version of my résumé! Included is my email address and phone number.

Want a PDF copy of my résumé? You can download it here!

Work Experience

National Defence
Software Developer
May 2017 — present

Reverse-engineered an old, unsupported Windows application in Java. Wrote technical documentation to support future development, and user documentation to facilitate adoption and use.

Wrote technical documentation to support future development of my Java application, as well as user documentation to facilitate deployment and adoption.

Wrote PowerShell scripts to help manage internal network of servers.

Tested Microsoft Azure cloud environments and verified that procedures related to their development were complete and correct.

Modernizing a terminal interface for an IBM mainframe application by porting it to a new Angular web app.

Ericsson Canada
Software Developer
Sep 2014 — Jan 2015 (high school co-op)
Jul 2015 — Sep 2015

Managed production Windows servers and their hosted applications.

Maintained apps written in Java, C#, and web-based programs written in Python, ColdFusion, Perl and PHP, running on IIS and Apache. These were run on variety of physical servers and VMs (Windows and Linux).

Developed user-friendly Java-based book checkout tool for use by employees while campus library was unstaffed.

Kept track of campus library inventory of books, and standards booklets.



Very well-versed in Java

Batch, Windows PowerShell


HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, PHP/Perl/Python

Beginning to work with Angular

Some familiarity with C

Applications and Systems

Experience with Apache Web Server, Windows IIS

Familiar with Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012

General Skills

Able to efficiently solve problems with available resources and technologies, and develop creative solutions.

Extensive knowledge in use of common productivity solutions, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

A self-starter who can work independently as well as contributing to team environments.

Familiar with common version control systems, and project management applications.

Volunteer Experience

Ravens Racing
Team Lead
Sep 2017 — present

Designed, built, deployed, and currently maintain team website. Maintained official team social media sites.

Responsible for organising team events, creating production schedule, and delegating tasks to volunteers.

Responsible for volunteer powertrain efforts such as engine rebuilds, swaps, maintenance, etc.

Bytown Ski Club
Assistant Web Admin
Sep 2014 — Mar 2015

Kept website information current, implemented some design changes.

Maintained PHP/Perl/Python scripts that interacted with MySQL databases.


Carleton University
Software Engineering (B.Eng)
Sep 2016 — present (3rd year)

High performance in programming classes.

Team Lead for Formula SAE team, Ravens Racing.

Participated in cuHacking 2017 and 2019

High School Diploma
Sep 2010 — Jun 2016

High performance in 10th to 12th grade computer science classes.

Electric guitarist in school musical pit band (12th grade).

I've worked on some cool projects before, and I'm always taking on new ones. See below for a list of the projects I'm most proud of.

FSAE Driving Simulator

October 2019 — present (work in progress)

Formula SAE regulations require that space frames be rebuilt every year. This means that when a frame is retired, the team must choose what happens to it.

This year, I decided that the 2018 frame could be used to make a driving simulator. The goal of the simulator is to accurately represent the driving dynamics of any ravens racing car by taking input to represent certain parameters. This might include spring/damper rates, tire compound, steering points, etc.

The simulator should be able to simulate changes to suspension design, aero package design, and drivetrain.

I am currently in the planning phase of the project: researching required sensors, and determining the best way to implement an easily parametrized car model that can be imported into an existing racing simulator/game.


Spring 2016

Chipstart is a web app meant to help kids learn to write simple code. It used a simulated on-screen microchip that would "control" LEDs or a 7-segment display, and "take input" from toggle switches and/or buttons (all simulated on-screen as well). The idea was that by offering a simple visual medium, controlled by a small number of simple commands and elementary math, coding could be made to seem less daunting and easier to learn.

In the spring of 2017, I submitted to the TechU.Me AppJam (an app competition for high school students), and won a cash prize as well as a scholarship to the University of Ottawa!

The app worked via a JavaScript interpreter (I was not familiar with cloud computing back then) that parsed and executed a syntax of code developed by myself, but very similar in syntax to Python. The language was fully documented such that if read from the beginning, users could learn to write it with no prior programming experience.

The app also featured a small number of "challenges" that the user could complete. The users could write and test their code, and when they were ready, they could have it "evaluated". The app would check that the code did what it was supposed to, and then give feedback based on the results of running it.

To date, I am probably most proud of this project. Unfortunately, it isn't live at the moment, but I hope to recreate it with more features (and a more elegant solution than an interpreter written in JavaScript). The code can be found on a repository on my GitHub.

Street Buddy

Work In Progress (present)

App that notifies you with text-to-speech if an upcoming road has a user generated report of potholes or otherwise rough road conditions.

When finished, I will begin to develop an iOS version.

Ravens Racing Website

Summer 2018 — present

When I joined Ravens Racing FSAE at Carleton in 2017, the team's official website was a large Wix site that was hard to navigate, and hard to work on. I made it my goal to make a site that looked better, was more thoughtfully laid out, and that still contained all useful information.

I created the site and launched it (, and currently update it whenever needed.

The site features a fade-scrolling effect on the home page, and is mobile-friendly. It was made so that content updates are dynamically applied across the whole site, and most content is pulled from easy-to-modify JSON files. The whole site is written in HTML/JavaScript/CSS, with some content generated through PHP. No third-party libraries are used.

The site is a work-in-progress, so I'm currently developing a couple new cool features.